Kayak Fortuna 2

Фортуна 2 EN

Фортуна 2
The design of the kayak combines a rigid body, inflatable balloons and at the same time folds into a compact package.
- A rigid body is an excellent directional stability;
- Inflatable balloons are high load capacity and safety;
- The use of modern materials means high reliability;
- The unique patented design is a small size when folded and a small weight of the kayak.
Standard equipment:
seat - 1 pc., paddle - 1 pc., bow deck - 1 pc., stern deck - 1 pc., pump - 1 pc., repair kit - 1 pc., bag - 1 pc.


Фортуна 2
Length (mm) 4100+-5%
Beam (mm) 880+-5%
Tube diameter (mm) 250+-5%
Tube PVC density (lbs. per ft. sq/g per m. sq) 550
Number of chambers 4
Passenger capacity (adults) 2
Weight of the whole set 20
Kayak weight 14
Dimensions per package 400х180х1430