WinBoat 330R

WinBoat 330R
Compact inflatable PVC rigid fiberglass bottom (RIB). 
The main advantages include: 
no bottom ceiling 
light weight: 43 kg. 
Rigid fiberglass bottom boat gives excellent handling and seaworthiness. Cylinders made ​​of high quality PVC (density 1100 g / sq.m.) Consist of three watertight compartments, which increases the safety and unsinkable boat.


WinBoat 330R
Length (ft./mm) 3300
Beam (in./mm) 1650
Keel at transom (degrees) 12
Middle height (in./mm) 181/460
Cockpit length (in./mm) 2200
Cockpit width (in./mm) 800
Dry weight (lbs./kg) 43
Tube diameter (in./mm) 420
Tube PVC density (lbs. per ft. sq/g per m. sq) 0.2254/1100
Number of chambers 3
Transom height (in./mm) 15/385
Max outboard power (hp) 15
Recommended outboard power (hp) 5-10
Passenger capacity (adults) 4
Payload (lbs./kg) 450