WinBoat R53

WinBoat R53
WinBoat R53
WinBoat R53
Powerboat WINBOAT R53 (17.4 feet in length)
New generation of R5 is here. Suitable for outboards with 15” and 20” shaft. Available with center cockpit helm or tiller steering.
Implementation of our patented variable tube diameter design.
This approach to boat design resulted in essential improvements in ergonomics
    Usable cockpit space is increased by 28 percent in relation to a boat with the same hull size and regular one-size in diameter air tube.
    Danger of damaging the air tube from the inside is completely eliminated.
    Easy adaptation of any optional equipment.
Change in hull stringer design resulted in:
    Improvements in hull rigidness and structural strength.
    Reclining backrest of hull integrated aft seat permits easy access to the motor bay and allows use of a tiller.
New improved hull shape
    Vertical stem design increases length at the waterline and makes shape of hull sharper which in turn results in dramatic boat behavior improvements in rough waters.
    Transom designed to accommodate outboards with 15 and 20 inch shaft.
Unparalleled safety, exceptional seaworthiness and reliability of new R series generation all remain at the highest standards possible.











WinBoat R53
WinBoat R53
WinBoat R53
Length (ft./mm) 17.4/5300
Beam (in./mm) 82.6/2100
Middle height (in./mm) 22.8/580
Cockpit length (in./mm) 153.5/3900
Cockpit width (in./mm) 55/1400
Cockpit depth (in./mm) 19.7/500
Dry weight (lbs./kg) 617/280
Maximum  tube diameter (in./mm) 18.5/470
Tube PVC density (lbs. per ft. sq/g per m. sq) 0.2254/1100
Number of chambers 3
Transom height (in./mm) 15-20/385-510
Height at the middle (in./mm) 27.5/700
Max outboard power (hp) 70
Recommended outboard power (hp) 50
Passenger capacity (adults) 8
Payload (lbs./kg) 1763/800