Winboat 330ARF

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WinBoat 460RF SPRINT

Boats of similar design have existed for a long time, their rigidity was achieved by installing additional elements, seats, transom. As a result, our designers developed a model in which they managed to combine several existing solutions in an original way.

This boat consists of a hull and a balloon.

The hull consists of fiberglass elements of a certain configuration fastened in an original way. It is integrated into the balloon, which made it possible to achieve the necessary rigidity of the entire structure.

Also, to facilitate the elements of the portable kit (boat + accessories), the transom was made as a removable part, but the way it is attached to the boat is more than reliable. As a result, we got a compact folded boat, placed in two packages - 22 and 8 kg (see the technical description of the model).

On the water, the resulting boat behaves very confidently, "swallows" small waves, easily goes planing, does not require a powerful motor.

Using this design solution, a whole line of boats from 2.5 to 3.6 m is offered. The simplicity of the design determines the high reliability and ease of operation.

Basic equipment

Boat, seat made of moisture-resistant plywood (1 pc., 930x240mm), foot pump, paddle (2 pcs.), plastic stud (4 pcs.), plastic cap nut (8 pcs.), removable transom made of moisture-resistant plywood (1 pc.), frame, stringer, 9 mm moisture-resistant plywood payoles (2 pcs.), repair kit (glue, material), instruction manual, shipping bag, bag for accessories.



WinBoat 460RF SPRINT
Length (mm) 3000
Beam (mm) 1670
Middle height (mm) 490
Cockpit length (mm) 2200
Cockpit width (mm) 780
Tube diameter (mm) 430
Tube PVC density (lbs. per ft. sq/g per m. sq) 850
Number of chambers 3
Transom height (mm) S
Max outboard power (hp) 10
Recommended outboard power (hp) 5-10
Passenger capacity (adults) 3
Payload (lbs./kg) 450
Dimensions per package 1,7 Х 0,73 Х 0,45